Within the heart of Sri Lanka's bustling fashion industry lies a silent, poignant narrative. This photography project, born within the confines of impoverished factories, unfolds the hidden faces and untold stories behind the garments we wear. In each frame, the wearied hands and determined eyes of the factory workers reveal a profound contrast to the glamour associated with fashion. These images are not just a visual diary; they are a call to action.


Each photograph is a powerful testimony to the dichotomy of beauty and hardship. Emotions etched across weathered faces, hands bearing the scars of dedication, and eyes that reflect dreams yearning for recognition—all become an integral part of this visual narrative.


By shedding light on the lives behind the labels, my intention is to create a ripple of impact and awareness. I hope that each photograph serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring a collective call for ethical practices, fair working conditions, and a deeper connection with the hands that shape the fabric of our lives.


“Silent stitches” is a mirror reflecting the soul of an industry, imploring us to redefine beauty, acknowledge humanity, and stitch a future where fashion is synonymous with dignity, respect, and compassion.